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MADERA (ma`der`a) n. Wood

Madera-Exotic Wood Bowls

By Artist Jim Sprinkle




The photos shown on this site are functional decorative bowls, vessels, ikebana flower holders, and sushi trays as well as interesting sculptures and pieces of art totally created by one artist – Jim Sprinkle. Most of these are one-of-a-kind pieces. They will not be reproduced exactly as seen in any photo, but the style, shape or combination of woods and their colors may be repeated in a similar piece. The sushi trays, chopsticks, utensils and flower holders are the exceptions to this statement.

With that in mind, if you see a particular shape, pattern or wood (or color) that you like, please email Jim. (maderabowls@embarqmail.com) He loves to collaborate with folks and design custom pieces that have special meaning for one individual. His policy is to create the piece, then email a photo with the price to the potential buyer. If they like it and want to purchase it, the transaction is completed and the object is mailed. If the individual is not happy with the finished product, then it is simply added to Madera’s inventory. (Happily, every custom piece has been purchased by the collaborator so far.) This has proven to be a fun and educational process for both Jim and his customers!

Artist's Statement:

While our world and our lives are filled with many beautiful objects, man-made and natural, from a myriad of materials, graceful, rough-hewn, elegant, dramatic or simple; it has most often been objects of wood that have captured my attention and imagination, and I have spent a life-time working with wood in many applications and methods.

I believe I was drawn to the art of wood turning because of the organic, sustaining and renewable quality of the wood itself. That, and the simple warm beauty of each and every piece of wood.

For all of Human history, wood has been used in vessel and bowl form to store, carry and serve the food that sustains and renews our lives and it is this organic cycle that I'm seeking in the bowls and vessels I create in my shop.

Although I love the graceful lines and swirling patterns of bowls made from a single piece of wood, I chose to work with segmentation for a number of reasons: Wood is a precious resource, and even though it is renewable, we continue to use wood more swiftly than it is renewed. Segmentation often allows me to use wood that might be discarded otherwise. I feel that segmentation helps represent the multiplicity of the organic cycle. It takes many pieces to form the whole object. Finally, segmentation allows me to express a connection with all the cultural history of the world as seen through bowls and vessels.

-Jim Sprinkle

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