Bowls (Functional Salad, Snack and Simply Art)

You can double-click on any picture here to see a larger picture with a description of the woods used in that piece. These photos are representative of styles and prices. Jim enjoys working with individuals to design custom pieces. Please e-mail to discuss building your custom bowl.

Commemorative Service Bowls

Each bowl in this section is decorated with a design that mimics the appearance of the ribbon awarded to U.S. Military personnel for service in the country named by the bowl.

"It Takes a Village" Series

This series uses randomly selected segments of multi-colored woods from all over the world to blend together and to create beautiful bowls. The bases and alternating rings can be mahogany (as shown) or other indigenous hardwoods.  The “village” rings are a mixture of indigenous and exotic woods from anywhere in the world.

Small Bowls

Medium Bowls

Large Bowls